Storytellers - Mike Toner

September 23, 2020 Taryn Hunter Season 1 Episode 2
Storytellers - Mike Toner
Show Notes

Touring agent, philanthropist, humble warrior.

One moment, one witnessed experience. Sometimes that’s all it can take to define your life’s purpose. This is what happened for Mike Toner, one ordinary day back at University. One moment of witnessing the daily struggle of another human navigating the world around them – a struggle which for that young man was the norm – but for Mike has become the driving force behind everything he dedicates his energy to.

Mike Toner, aka Irish Mike, aka Radiator, is a legend in the Melbourne dance music scene, not only because he is an incredible promoter, event creator, and DJ, but also as one of the loveliest and most humble human beings you’ll ever meet. Best of all, Mike uses this never-ending positivity to motivate and inspire those around him to be the best versions of themselves. And he expects as good as he gives, and so don’t try and make any excuses as to why you can’t strive just as high as he.

Mike owns one of Melbourne’s most well respected touring agencies, Thick as Thieves, playing host to some of the biggest names in electronic music, including Patrick Topping, Phil Kieran, and Claptone.

But it’s his philanthropic efforts – we’re talking over three quarters of a MILLION dollars raised for The Fred Hollows Foundation alone – that Mike is most passionate about. That moment, over 20 years ago, forever in his mind. 

I had such a great catch-up with Mike to chat about the joy he gets from pushing the people he loves to be their best, getting DJs to play for free in the name of restoring eyesight, and raising the vibration of everyone around him. Be ready to be inspired!

Instagram: @mike_toner