Storytellers - Nic Bloom

June 22, 2021 Taryn Hunter
Storytellers - Nic Bloom
Show Notes

Nurturer, purpose-driven paths, breaking down stigmas

Discourse around mental health have come a long way in the last decade. Growing from a place of shame, stigma and taboo, to slowly becoming more open, healthy and supportive, covering the full spectrum of experience, these conversations are being driven by a plethora of different people and organisations. These are discussions that Nic Bloom is not only participating in, but driving with passion.

 When Nic finished his high school studies, he didn’t even know that working in the mental health was an option, let alone his purpose-driven path. This is despite growing up with a parent with a mental illness and an acute awareness of his feelings and the feelings of others. Although this passion was always lying beneath the surface, it took the tragic passing of a close friend in 2020 to ignite the fire that saw him quit his 9 to 5 and dedicate his life to helping and educating others.

Uniquely, Nic is forging his path from a number of different angles – as a facilitator, a mentor, as a speaker and as a friend. Each has not only provided him the opportunity to connect with a whole range of different age groups and backgrounds, from school kids to professionals, but also allowed him to share his own story and work through his own healing process. 

I had a beautiful and expansive chat to Nic about this journey, how he navigates the ups and downs of working in the mental health and anti-bullying space, the power of sharing stories, and how he looks after his own mental health and that of those around him.

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